Some Updates at

Three things, really invisible to you the reader, have gone on here at over the past several weeks. Thing Number One I installed iMT, an iPhone/iPod Touch plugin that creates a seamless interface for these devices with the MT4 installation allowing the user to post new entries and manage posts and comments from multiple blogs running on the same… Continue reading

Google: Too Big, Too Powerful, Too Much Information

While appreciating their search functionality, I’ve been rather ambivalent about Google. But in recent days, I’ve decided it’s time for me to explore other options aside from using Google exclusively for so many things. Yesterday I went to demonstrate setting up a free Blogger account. Now Google requires the user give Google a cell phone number to set up a… Continue reading

I’ve Lost My Mind

I have never before participated in “group mania” until now, today, yes…this very moment. You see, I am infected with iPhone Mania. I am now sitting here in Lenox Mall, blogging live, waiting in the growing line of about 110 people for the iPhone, which doesn’t go on sale until 6:00PM. Fortunately, I am just across the hall from the… Continue reading