I Hadn’t Really Thought about This

Image by elycefeliz via Flickr But I bet this is true. Why are the Tea Party people and Glenn Beck‘s fans are so upset about the federal government? Because, in their view, integration was forced down their unwilling throats by judicial and legislative fiat. The lunatic fringe conservatism that Mr. Beck espouses with such goofy eloquence is driven, among other… Continue reading

Dubya Photo Funnies

What happened was, Lauren was away during the Democratic Convention, and as a politics junkie, I wanted to watch some of it, so the kid (just turned five) ended up watching a couple of the big speeches with me. (All on webcast, our TV is a movie box, doesn’t get any channels). He’s full of questions so I tried to… Continue reading

Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes, former Lieutenant Governor of Texas speaks about his getting George W Bush and a lot of other wealthy Texans into the National Guard so they could avoid service in Vietnam.   This link has several short video clips of Ben Barnes speaking about George W. Bush and John Kerry.  It’s worth taking a couple minutes to watch.… Continue reading

O Dear!

Well.  Mother is over it.  She told me today that she thinks I’ve gone off the deep end, [I love that southern coastal expression.]  that I’m on a rampage and have just become too fanatical, way too fanatical.  She is much too polite and loving to ever post such a thing on my blog, but that’s how she feels about… Continue reading

President Ronald Reagan Died Today

I am deeply saddened to see that President Ronald Reagan died today at age 93, living longer than any other US president.My liberal friends are always horrified to know of my personal admiration for President Reagan.  And my conservative friends find it hard to believe that liberal me met Reagan personally and even worked for the Reagan campaign back many… Continue reading