The Heritage Foundation: Sound Judgement

Ah, The Heritage Foundation… They share their wise and timely advice on what President Obama should do in response to the suffering in Haiti: call on a senior Republican to lead the Haitian response efforts. And what senior Republican official do they suggest? Yes, the only one with a proven track record in such matters: George W. Bush! I’m serious.… Continue reading

The Haitian Ambassador Responds to Pat Robertson

The Haitian Ambassador, obviously deeply offended by the incredulous, outrageous, and unspeakably insensitive remarks of Pat Robertson, feels immediately compelled to respond to Robertson’s offensive comments. At the end of the ambassador’s remarks, Rachel Maddow states that if she could apologize for the “odious” remarks made by Pat Robertson, she would. She expresses that Robertson’s despicable remarks do not represent… Continue reading

Andy Borowitz Outdoes Himself

Two hysterical important press releases from the Borowitz Report: NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – One day after announcing that she would be a commentator on the Fox News Channel, the network revealed that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s appearances would be simulcast in English. “We are delighted that Gov. Palin will, for the first time, be understandable to the… Continue reading

How Could Anyone?!

This man isn’t just superstitious, I find Pat Robertson to be hateful and evil! He also sounds like he can’t breath. This extremist right-wing religious viper is a discredit to the God he claims to serve. My guess: he’s about to seize an opportunity to “minister” to these people and make a fortune in the process. He states that Haiti… Continue reading