The Golden Gate Bridge

The fog In the bay area is thick this morning, and I hear the fog horns blasting from the bridge. Two days ago I got up early to shoot the bridge at sunrise (from Fort Baker). I then went to Battery Mendell in the evening to shoot the Point Bonita Lighthouse at (what turned out to be) the non-existent sunset.… Continue reading

And the Final Test Just for Fun

So, I’m very curious about your honest feedback. I need to know what to focus on next with this process. I’m not sure why panos made with this software take so long to load; so, if you’re faced with a black screen, be patient. It is loading (in the dark). This pano was shot down by Fort Baker. The kayaks… Continue reading

Happy 75th Birthday

Yesterday was the official celebration for the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the most visited city in the world. (Paris is number two.) For the past two weeks I’ve been scouting around, trying to find the best place to shoot the fireworks display. Hawk Hill? Slacker Hill? Cavallo Point? Fort Baker? I decided it should… Continue reading

The Edge of Paradise

Today the fog came blasting in from the Pacific Ocean. I walked down to Fort Baker to shoot and found the wind so strong out on the jetty that I seriously thought if it got any worse, I would have to get down on my hands and knees and crawl back to the car. But when I turned and walked… Continue reading

Breathtaking Vista @ Cavallo Point

Today I hiked up to the top of Cavallo Point. The breeze was steady and cool, the smell of the desert plants and the wooded area was intoxicating. The camera equipment was heavy! I shot 3 panoramas today. Here’s the first. You will notice an all-but-hidden fortification where soldiers hid behind cement sand bags to defend the port and the… Continue reading

Location Scouting

Sausalito has an annual film festival. I went to a film last Saturday: The Big Fix. I highly recommend it, but wait until you’re in a mood to totally get enraged. It’s a documentary about the BP Gulf oil spill and horrible cover up that continues to go on to this day. The film’s directors were at the festival for… Continue reading