The Most Important Day of Our Lives: VOTE!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018. VOTE A STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT TICKET! Even though I have zero confidence in our digital election process1, do it anyway just in case we can save our democracy. I voted early to make certain I would have no issue with my voter registration in this crooked state! (I’m with Jimmy Carter: Kemp should be disqualified because of… Continue reading

How Well Written!

I highly recommend that Americans stop and think about what Garrison Keillor has written in this excerpt from his new book,  Homegrown Democrat (© 2004). Mr. Keillor is the host and writer of  A Prairie Home Companion, now in its 25th year on the air. Rather than just read these short quotations here, read the entire excerpt by clicking here.… Continue reading

I Matter: Occupy Space and Have Weight? Or Really Matter?!

I really have been rather surprised at how intensely I feel about this political election.  I usually live under a rock when it comes to the news and politics.  I just have seldom wanted to know what is going on unless I can effect a positive change.  I have to matter.  I have to be a positive influence.  I have… Continue reading