Normally I Say, Rest in Peace…

but not for this man whom I consider less than a charlatan. Oral Roberts needs to rest in shame as far as I am concerned. He created an entire generation of religious leaders who cared more about money than they do helping people–the sheer nonsense and evil of “the prosperity gospel“: give me enough of your money and God will… Continue reading

Not Just Complicit

In my mind, the Republican Party is not just complicit in this effort, they are responsible.  George W. Bush thrust the nation into bankruptcy financially and morally.  The Republican party is trying to fan the flames of anger and bullying behavior to hide the mess they created that is the true source of the middle class shriveling up. Nancy has… Continue reading

Who Are the Bad Guys Now?

I’ve mentioned before on this blog, and those who know me are already aware of my very conservative upbringing—in fact, ultra conservative would not at all be an over statement. The conservatives of my youth were people who committed themselves to always doing what they believed was right, no matter what it cost them. They were fiscally conservative. They practiced… Continue reading

O Dear!

Well.  Mother is over it.  She told me today that she thinks I’ve gone off the deep end, [I love that southern coastal expression.]  that I’m on a rampage and have just become too fanatical, way too fanatical.  She is much too polite and loving to ever post such a thing on my blog, but that’s how she feels about… Continue reading

One More Thing Before Bedtime

Compassionate Conservatism… Hmmm, now let me see:  was it somewhere between 600,000 and a few million?  Now, these are people who will lose access, because of the new federal law, to overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week.  Perhaps, if it’s just 600,000 people it is “compassionate conservatism?”  If it approaches a million is it just… Continue reading

Am I Conservative Or Am I Liberal?

I am a very conservative guy in many ways.  No, really!  Here are just three of my conservative declarations: Declaration I: Be Fiscally Responsible Fiscally I am very conservative.  Ultra-conservative.  More conservative than the republicans ever thought of being apparently.  (With sentence structure I can be liberal.) You see, unlike the republicans, I think that we should not spend more… Continue reading

President Ronald Reagan Died Today

I am deeply saddened to see that President Ronald Reagan died today at age 93, living longer than any other US president.My liberal friends are always horrified to know of my personal admiration for President Reagan.  And my conservative friends find it hard to believe that liberal me met Reagan personally and even worked for the Reagan campaign back many… Continue reading