The Button Collection

She saved everything. No, I mean everything! After all, each treasure had wonderful memories associated with it! She had a box for wandering buttons to save them from the certain trash heap of unforgotten buttons who, for years, performed their duties without complaint.   Plastic. Cork. Leather. Wood. Metal. Fabric. Large. Small. Simple happiness. Aunt Helen, about whom I eulogized… Continue reading

The Salitos Tea “Glass”

A couple of weeks ago, we ate at Salitos with a couple visiting from the Atlanta area. Salitos is a great seafood restaurant in Sausalito. My tea was served in an old fashioned milk bottle. I loved it. It was so cute. Then, last week, at the grocery store, I saw the same milk bottle, containing organic cream, from Straus… Continue reading

A Completely Useless But "Deliciously" Practical Idea

I love Pez, a popular candy from my childhood still available today. Hmm…I have one around here somewhere. It must be found! Anyway, the picture is a link to the Pez website. Everyone loves these little plugin USB thumbdrives. They are small, portable, and some of them are actually smaller than a Pez candy dispenser. Why not marry the two?… Continue reading