You know, I think democracy is just much too expensive: all of those expensive campaigns and elections, the cost of congress, the presidency, the supreme court. And then running all of those state governments. It’s simply not cost effective. I suggest we combine state and nation government into one and just have all the CEO’s of the very largest transglobal… Continue reading

Reflecting Back on the Decade…

Who among us today, in the media, will die being remembered as “the most trusted name in news.” Oh, I know: Glenn… what’s his last name?! You know, the one that cries on TV. The former CBS anchorman cared not just about the next story but about the future of reporting in a country where was known for the better… Continue reading

The World Is Something Less Today

without Walter Cronkite (92). Unlike the opinion peddling oafs that we have in the tabloid television news machinery of today, Walter had a sense of deep integrity to his craft, to an inclusive audience, and to the facts. As news anchor from 1962 – 1981, he was respected for that integrity and sense of fairness. The American people rewarded his… Continue reading

Why Rather, Not Fox?

I should have thought of this… With all the self-righteous finger-pointing at Dan Rather and CBS over memogate why are the media ignoring the more pervasive, better-documented and more obvious bias of FOX News? In a wonderful post from our reader, limbo, on Who Says?, this excellent point was made. It bears repeating here. Many thanks again to limbo. If… Continue reading