First Time Lapse

OK. So my first time lapse movie, a collection of about 3,500 stills shot in the font living room over almost 24 hours, turned out better than I thought it would. I only had one major issue, catastrophic actually: I forgot to take the camera out of auto focus until the last several hours of the time lapse!! This causes… Continue reading

This Is Tempting

If you watched the City of Lakes trailer, you probably missed the extensive use of slider and dolly shots. They add so much subtle visual interest while increasing perspective, presence and focus! Here is a do-it-yourself from Friedhelm Fischer to build a camslider for about $100. The full post can be found at Friedhelm Fischer’s blog. The parts include: 1… Continue reading

Gorgeous Cinematography

Be sure to check out the blog post about the movie. It includes more information about the picture and several fantastic stills. And so much a wedding symbolizes. So many questions it tends to raise: What is love? What is faith? It was our hope to explore these themes in a far more dramatically engaging way than we felt possible… Continue reading

Philip Bloom Master Class

Neil Smith, at hdiRAWworks, arranged for Philip Bloom to conduct a Canon HD-DSLR masterclass yesterday here in LA. This was the first time I’ve ever attended such a thing, and I rather enjoyed it and learned a lot too. The little tidbits you pick up are also interesting: like why the Canon 5Dmkii will only shoot video for 12 minutes.… Continue reading

Another Philip Bloom Canon 5dmk2 Short in 24p

As I’ve said before, I just can’t get enough of Philip Bloom‘s work. He even shares the link to the original HD file he shot (750MB) so you can compare that to the final edit, which, of course, is gorgeous. I took the Canon out on the streets in the evening to test out it’s low light ability and to… Continue reading

Photography As Democracy in Action

Image via Wikipedia I harp on this topic, I know.  But it’s that important to me:  Democracy is a public affair.  Elections need to be transparent.  Our public discourse needs to be public.  Our national history needs to be open and free.  Photography and videography are marvelous tools for documenting and disseminating the machinations of democracy and thereby promoting the… Continue reading

Ireland Video

I kept forgetting as I traveled that my Canon 5d Mark II will shoot HD video! However, at a few dramatic moments, I remembered. You will see that the 75mph wind gusts were just impossible, I couldn’t hold the camera steady, even when it was affixed to an immovable surface! The video, though short, is presented almost in HD and… Continue reading

Grieve No More

Everyone grieved the death of the Polaroid Instamatic. Well, grieve no more! Books are the new internet. Mustaches are hip. The 1990’s are “vintage.” And analog is the new digital. The future is now. Er, the past future is now? Something like that. Introducing The *new* Fuji Instax Mini, a generational twist on ‘yer Dad’s old Land Cam. We like… Continue reading

I’ve Got this Thing Down

Well, I think I’ve finally figured out how to get a pretty good panorama stitch in one try. Here are the details: I’m using my new Canon 5D Mark II with the Sigma 8mm 3.5 fisheye lens. Since the 5D has a full sensor, I’m getting a significant amount of overlapping information in the 6 shots, each 60º from the… Continue reading