A Brief Moment of Clarity & Consistency

Introduction I have blogged before about Bob Jones University‘s racist history, the current chancellor’s support for stoning gay people (comments made in 1980 to an AP reporter when Jones was president of the institution), and that institution’s persistent subjugation of women. Thinking About Attending Bob Jones University? (focused more on misogyny and racism) Homophobia & Religious Fundamentalism: The Real Issue… Continue reading

Thinking About Attending Bob Jones University?

Don’t. I have seldom discussed the fact that I have 2 degrees from @BJU. But I do. While at the institution I was largely oblivious to its racist history. (For god’s sake: I learned recently that I even lived in a dorm named after the Grand Cyclops of the Montgomery chapter of the Ku Klux Klan: Bibb Graves–a founding member… Continue reading

I Really Just Don’t Understand

When I was taking my mother home, we played a game of connect the dots on my iPhone to keep her mind off of her claustrophobia on the plane.  Maybe that’s what got me to start thinking… The Dots:  Dot 1 Earlier this week I was in my hometown, Pensacola.  My mother and I drove around town checking out what… Continue reading