Totally Awesome!

Someone has finally provided an interactive map of the most photographed places in the world, and, naturally, it would be Google! It’s like a map with a heat overlay. The hottest areas are the places with the most uploaded photos in Google’s Panoramio service. You can filter by region or the type of location you want to see. You can… Continue reading

Upscale Laundromat

A bistro? A trendy bar? Nope… a laundromat  in Barcelona called Splash, designed by Frederic Perers. Laundromats didn’t look like this when I had to use them! (Jeeze, that seems like a lifetime ago!)   Source: Laundromat Looks Just Like a Nightclub   Related articles Lounge-Like Laundromats – Wasbar Lets You Get a Haircut and a Drink While Your Clothes… Continue reading