Those Photo Apps

New photo apps that heavily process photos get me almost every time! I have to try them out. I’ll never understand the digital magic under their hoods. Perhaps that’s the reason I feel so drawn to them?

So here are some experiments from today’s photo apps download of the Prisma app for iPhone. (Despite what you may find, there … Continue reading

SFO Embarcadero

We just returned from a quick trip to San Francisco (SFO) and stayed at a lovely hotel on the bay in Sausalito, The Inn Above Tide. (Highly recommend the inn! All of the rooms are on the water and have an incredible view!)

We were treated to lunch at Boulevard Restaurant. Nancy Oakes is the executive chef and … Continue reading

I Was a Strange Child…

with a huge imagination. I grew up on the Gulf Coast, and virtually lived at the beach. As a little kid I had this crazy desire to see the Gulf of Mexico without any water in it. I wanted to see the seafloor. I was conflicted, however, as I feared this would kill all of the sea life. I know, … Continue reading

The Sweet, Intoxicating Smell of Being Ripped Off!

ComcastShhh! It’s a Secret!

Hey, Atlanta, did you know that you are a test market? Yes! Yes, indeed you are! I should say, we are, since I live here now, too1.

We are one of the test markets2 for how Comcast is going to raise their internet prices to gouge you even more. We only get to … Continue reading

A Quick Visit to the Bay Area

Last Thursday I had barely landed at SFO when I was once again reminded of some of the many reasons I love this little spot on earth, which I fondly refer to as the birthplace of my soul.

Sunset over Richardson Bay from the hotel room
Sunset over Richardson Bay from the hotel room–Mount Tamalpias in the distance

The air was brisk–with even something of a bite in … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Point Bonita Lighthouse

This year was the 160th birthday of the Point Bonita Lighthouse that provides safe passage into the San Francisco bay. I loved volunteering as a docent there at the lighthouse for 3 years! (Yes, even with GPS and other navigational devices, the ship captains rely on the lighthouses which always just work! Those tried and true old ways.)

Pt. Bonita 160th Birthday; photo: Al Greening
Pt. Bonita
Continue reading

Thanksgiving Sunset on Overdrive

Those who know me know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far. This past Thanksgiving1 was an extended holiday.

Steve spent about a week out on the west coast and cooked his best Thanksgiving meal ever! Delicious. In our typical fashion of trying to minimize waist2, we did’t cook a turkey—just a ham. He cooked on … Continue reading

Random Encounter on Thanksgiving Day

Bubble Man at Rodeo Beach
Bubble Man at Rodeo Beach

He was standing, lit by the golden sun setting over the ocean, atop the ledge next to the wooden stairs down to the ocean beach. He held a sheathed, sword-like baton that he withdrew with a practiced arc, opening the dripping baton to catch the gentle ocean breeze, forming a large bubble.

As the giant … Continue reading

CA Parking Space Sizes

Town in Wales Creates Nine Inch Wide Parking SpaceDesirable land is in short supply out here in California and is therefore very, very expensive. This poses some interesting problems for road construction and parking lots. Most entrance ramps on major roads are an insane 1/10th of a mile or less—making getting on the highway with cars driving well above the speed limits a very dangerous situation. Additionally, getting … Continue reading