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SFO Shoes

SFO Embarcadero

We were treated to lunch at Boulevard Restaurant (Nancy Oakes executive chef and owner), which is located in the glorious, historic Audiffred building. Apparently the building survived the 1906 fires because the owner promised the fire department barrels of whiskey to save the building. The Boulevard section of the building is just gorgeous!

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War on Christmas

Good Laugh

Everyone who knows me is aware of my ongoing efforts to needle those who claim we have a War of Christmas1. I came across this Facebook post from a mutual friend of ours (Thanks, Bill!) that made me laugh out loud. The idea and the photo are his clever mind, not mine. I just share. […]

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Pt. Bonita 160th Birthday; photo: Al Greening

Happy Birthday Point Bonita Lighthouse

This year was the 160th birthday of the Point Bonita Lighthouse that provides safe passage into the San Francisco bay. I loved volunteering as a docent there at the lighthouse for 3 years! (Yes, even with GPS and other navigational devices, the ship captains rely on the lighthouses which always just work! Those tried and […]

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