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Conrad the Kat, our beast

Health Issues: Getting Old

Conrad, our sweet and crazy-friendly beast, is having health issues. He had a terrible seizure about a year-and-a-half ago when we first moved to Atlanta. I was hoping he was just mad about moving away from his friends the deer, skunk, and red-tailed fox1 or had eaten some bug in the house to which he […]

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Steve & Olivia Newton-John

Las Vegas: Day Five

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened. Today is the day for which we have been waiting. Everything else was just fluff. Today is Steve’s chance to fall prostrate before his diva: Olivia Newton-John. I’ve already told him I was not bailing him out of jail if he charged the stage, leapt […]

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Las Vegas City Lights at Night

Las Vegas: Day Three

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened. Steve went running early this morning. He started before the sun came up when it was only in the 90’s. He reported that on his run down to the famous Las Vegas sign on the strip, he encountered a woman staggering back to her […]

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Steve in Las Vegas

Las Vegas: Day Two

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened. We were lazy and slept in. Steve had to get up and out early enough to pick up some of the tickets we had ordered. They didn’t open at their advertised time! He was a melted mess by the time he got back. When we […]

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Las Vegas Vdara Light Fixtures 02

Las Vegas: Day One

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened. We arrived in Sin City late afternoon. The temperature was 99º—but it was a dry heat. Riiiight! So why did we come to Las Vegas, which is not at all one of our favorite cities? Well, my dear friend Mark had 2 extra tickets […]

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republican elephant, democratic donkey

Brief, Informative

This short video provides a non-partisan, non-judgmental glimpse into the history of the two party system in the USA. It asks good questions about the future. It’s worth your time. Also available is this fascinating article: A Republican intellectual explains why the Republican Party is going to die

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