Steve Couldn’t Take It Any More

I think I’ve been driving him crazy. Or maybe he’s been driving me crazy. It’s a very serious case of 2016 election fatigue syndrome. I think we both have a really severe case.

He can’t abide the debates; so, he left town and won’t be back until Friday. Oh, he says it was because of work, but I know the … Continue reading

Boiling It All Down

Vote ButtonI have some dear friends whom I greatly respect who will vote for Donald Trump. Some of them appear to be voting for him because they really have an intense dislike for Hillary Clinton. Some of them are voting for Trump because they genuinely believe he will provide them with greater economic opportunity, which they truly need. And then there … Continue reading

Memories of An Educator: The Presence

school house

This is the fourth in a series of posts: Memories of an Educator. Unlike the previous reflections, this one celebrates a teacher, a unique and dedicated teacher of many, many years.

She was indeed a presence. She didn’t merely enter a room, she presented herself. Everything about her was deliberate—purposeful: her walk, the words she chose to speak, her … Continue reading

Health Issues: Getting Old

Conrad the Kat, our beast (animaux sauvage)
Conrad the Kat, our beast (animaux sauvage)

Conrad, our sweet and crazy-friendly beast, is having health issues. He had a terrible seizure about a year-and-a-half ago when we first moved to Atlanta. I was hoping he was just mad about moving away from his friends the deer, skunk, and red-tailed fox1 or had eaten some bug in the house … Continue reading

Las Vegas: Day Three

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened.

Steve went running early this morning. He started before the sun came up when it was only in the 90’s. He reported that on his run down to the famous Las Vegas sign on the strip, he encountered a woman staggering back to her hotel wearing one high heel … Continue reading

Las Vegas: Day One

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened.

We arrived in Sin City late afternoon. The temperature was 99º—but it was a dry heat. Riiiight!

So why did we come to Las Vegas, which is not at all one of our favorite cities? Well, my dear friend Mark had 2 extra tickets to Barbra Streisand. Astonishingly, … Continue reading