Sorry Everyone!

Tech Conference Wow! I have neglected my blog–but for good reason. This past week I was in Denver for a technology conference. The conference was awesome. I stayed on for the weekend and traveled the area, mostly in the Rockies. Talk about big sky country! Wow. This part of the country is awesome. I’ll post some pictures now and blog… Continue reading

I’m Back

Well, I’ve been out of town, so I’m back posting this. Things have been busy. I went to Nashville to attend a Sandi Patty concert. I went up early, met up with friends, and did the “Nashville thing.” Enjoyed the city. The Pancake Pantry is a must! We had breakfast there twice. Toured The Hermitage, General and former President Andrew… Continue reading

Live City Cams

On the left hand side of my blog, I have added some live city cams:  Washington, San Francisco, Atlanta, and my place.  The Atlanta cam will actually update itself periodically.  However, the other three will only refresh by your reloading the page (if a new picture has been FTPed up their site).  The Atlanta cam even looks cool at night! … Continue reading

Hmm, Interesting…

I have had a total of 121 hits from the following countries: United Kingdom Germany Turkey Australia Hungary I seem to be a big hit in the UK and Austria.  Hi!  Whoever you are.  Would love to come visit!  :o) Most visitors to my site stay between 5 and 15 minutes and use Windows.  However, I have a healthy number… Continue reading


Tonight the weather was really nice; so, I had my windows down and the sunroof open as I enjoyed the cooler dry night air coming into the car as I drove home from dinner–almost piddling down the road in no hurry at all.  Unexpectedly I came upon an eerie scene. The small number of cars in front of me began… Continue reading

The University of Pennsylvania Museum

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology has a really nice web site featuring Africa, Buddism, Canaan, China, Egypt, Etrucsan, Greece, Mesoamerica, The Near East, North America, Polonesia, Rome, and the Southwest. This is my name in hieroglyphs: Would you like to have your name in hieroglyphics? You must seek the Scribe.… Continue reading

An Experiment…

I have wanted to add polls to my blog to gather information from readers, not that I have millions of them–yet! But I didn’t want to have to go to the trouble of writing the perl cgi scripts to do it. I’m lazy and not very good at programming; so, it would just take too much time. I recently read… Continue reading

Heading Off on Vacation

Tomorrow I will be heading to Pensacola, Florida, for vacation. I look forward to spending some time with mom, working on the genealogy project, resting and relaxing at the beach, eating good seafood, and enjoying my favorite breakfast spot–The Coffee Cup, on Cervantes Street near downtown. I would give you the url, but this is an old family business that’s… Continue reading