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OK Cafe, Atlanta, GA

OK Cafe

Yummm! The OK Cafe has been one of my all time favorites for many years! After returning to Atlanta after my 8 year west coast indulgence1, I have been saddened to see that several of the restaurants that I frequented “back in the day” have closed or gone down hill precipitously. A few remain. I’ve always […]

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Tim Unplugged: Qwerkywriter Mechanical Keyboard

Well, my efforts to unplug have had mixed results. I am taking steps. Qwerkywriter is among my latest efforts at unplugging. Did any of you have a mechanical typewriter back in the day—you know, the old ones that didn’t use electricity. My grandmother gave me the one from her office when she retired. You had to really whack the […]

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Emanuel Ax

San Francisco Symphony

This past Saturday we were off to the San Francisco Symphony! This was my first ride on the Muni: the J line to Vann Ness and Market, which is a block south of Davies Symphony Hall. We ate at Il Borgo, one of our favorite pre-symphony eateries. The walk, however, was a little less than […]

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Building with a view

Back from San Francisco

Yes, we bought a little place back in San Francisco, and I spent this past week setting it up—well, mostly. The special-order furniture has yet to arrive, but the basics are now in place. I’m always amazed at how much time is required to set up even the smallest apartment, especially when you don’t know the […]

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Affinity Photo App Icon

Affinity Photo: PS Replacement

Ever since Adobe started renting their software with annual (or monthly) fee-based subscription access, I have been actively looking for a photo editing application I could use to replace Photoshop. Photoshop has become insanely over-priced, poorly supported, and the rental access arrangement sent me over the edge with the company. Affinity Photo will probably be […]

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Snag-Fixer Tool

Snag Repair Tool Rocks

I have saved the snag fixer gift through all of these years and have used it many, many times to save an otherwise ruined piece of clothing. As careful as I try to be, from time to time Conrad the Kat’s back claws will snag the threads of a shirt. Recently he did so to […]

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SFO Shoes

SFO Embarcadero

We were treated to lunch at Boulevard Restaurant (Nancy Oakes executive chef and owner), which is located in the glorious, historic Audiffred building. Apparently the building survived the 1906 fires because the owner promised the fire department barrels of whiskey to save the building. The Boulevard section of the building is just gorgeous!

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War on Christmas

Good Laugh

Everyone who knows me is aware of my ongoing efforts to needle those who claim we have a War of Christmas1. I came across this Facebook post from a mutual friend of ours (Thanks, Bill!) that made me laugh out loud. The idea and the photo are his clever mind, not mine. I just share. […]

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Jean-Efflam Bavouzet

Ravaged by the French

This past weekend we went back to San Francisco for a concert by the San Francisco Symphony, a gift from the French: music from Bizet’s Carmen Suites (1874), Ravel’s 1930 Piano Concerto in D major for the Left Hand (Jean-Efflam Bavouzet playing), and Saint-Saëns’ 1886 Symphony No. 3, Opus 78, the Organ Symphony (Jonathan Dimmock […]

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