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Bob Jones III

The Art of the Fauxpology

If Jones wants to attempt to make some small amends, he should fund an independent group to care for America’s homeless LGBT youth population–a group that has nothing to do with conversion therapy or religion, just loving acceptance.

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Vampire Lips Dripping Blood

Bob Jones III Must Be Elated!

Well, hurray for Matt. At least his preferred method of execution of the gay is a bit more humane than Bobby’s, or ISIS’. Perhaps Bobby and Matthew can sit around the campfire (without all that sensuous hand holding!) and sing a rousing round of Kumbaya. They could invite some ISIS dudes to butch it up […]

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Bansky Graffiti

Let’s Chat about Banksy Graffiti

These are some initial thoughts after an encounter with Banksy, whose work I find provokes my thinking on several different levels. In my opinion, if there is any truly great sin widely practiced in our world today, it’s the failure to think, for deep thinking almost always enjoins action. Banksy takes this on with verve.

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Furnace Pilot Light

The Heater Pilot Light

The heater sits atop the roof. The gas earthquake detector shut the gas off when workers were working around the house and bumped into it with something. I had to relight the hot water heater. I never even thought about the HVAC system.

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