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Apple Should Be Embarrassed!

Pages 5.6.1 lacks this fundamental, basic feature. Pages technical support didn’t even know this. What??!! Seriously??!! The feature is available in Pages ’09. Their recommended solution: export the document out of Pages 5.6.1 in the old version’s format and number the pages and print them in that version.

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Your Cemetery Experience Survey

Happy Halloween!

Today, on Halloween, I receive a survey from the corporate-owned cemetery asking me to rate my “overall cemetery experience” from last month when we buried my mother there. “How many positive recommendations have you given for this cemetery?” Are you serious?! How insensitive and crude! Jeeze!

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Franklin Graham

An $880,000 Income?!

Pablo Eisenberg, senior fellow at the Georgetown Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, calls Franklin Graham’s salary “outrageous” and states Graham is excessively (2x) overpaid compared to other similar international non-profit relief organizations. “It’s a moral issue, particularly for a man of faith.”

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Happy Birthday Cupcakes

Taxes in GA: Ad Valorem Tax

Since most people don’t keep their car for 10 years, they are paying taxes for a vehicle they no longer own. High marks for clever. Very clever! I call this theft, not taxation. At best one would call it a hefty tax increase.

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Apple: It just works (used to)

Fundamental Trans/Re-gressions

I have grown immensely frustrated with Apple’s regression to the mean user, lowest common denominator processor, and inattention to those “power users” who have stood by their product line when it wasn’t cool, who grew to depend on “it just works.” Apple needs to refocus, slow down, and issue software that is truly intuitive and […]

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