Steve Couldn’t Take It Any More

I think I’ve been driving him crazy. Or maybe he’s been driving me crazy. It’s a very serious case of 2016 election fatigue syndrome. I think we both have a really severe case.

He can’t abide the debates; so, he left town and won’t be back until Friday. Oh, he says it was because of work, but I know the … Continue reading

Boiling It All Down

Vote ButtonI have some dear friends whom I greatly respect who will vote for Donald Trump. Some of them appear to be voting for him because they really have an intense dislike for Hillary Clinton. Some of them are voting for Trump because they genuinely believe he will provide them with greater economic opportunity, which they truly need. And then there … Continue reading

Way Back in My Long Ago…

Devil Tempts ChristWhen I was a little boy I was taught this Bible story about the devil tempting Jesus. The story appears in the gospels:

5. The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. 6. And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor;

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Goose Bumps

Goose bumps Photo by: Ildar Sagdejev
Photo by: Ildar Sagdejev

Do you remember those? Goose bumps?

I seemed to get them a lot when I was a kid. I would encounter something that I found to be unexpectedly gorgeous, fantastic, awe-inspiring, breath-taking, and I would get goosebumps. But the older I get, the less I seem to experience goose bumps. Oh dear: less euphoria in … Continue reading

Uniquely Positioned to Shed Some Light

Trump and BibleIntroduction

In the last few weeks I have seen one too many Facebook posts (typically linking to desperate articles) from my Pensacola Christian School classmates of yore clumsily trying to justify Donald Trump as the “moral choice” in this election. That absurdity is what prompted me to write this post. Those of us who grew up in the fundamentalist movement … Continue reading

Primary and Trusted Sources

Sometimes you take a punch to the gut when you realize just how astonishingly manipulative and brazenly dishonest people can be, especially when the stakes are high and massive amounts of money are at stake.

An Example: Liars Lie

My sister told me today in a phone call that she was really shocked to learn that even President Obama has … Continue reading

I Tried to Be Good [Updated]

But, when I saw this a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t resist. I snapped this photo knowing I would post it to my blog for everyone to enjoy. It makes a number of statements.

Donald Trump Ballot Box


In response to Janice’s comment below, I am including the animated toilet bowl plunger in this post since the Trump campaign deleted their original … Continue reading

Women for Both President and VP?

No Left TurnGo Right, Young Man

I have remained silent on politics for the entire, tedious nomination process. But now that we have our presumptive candidates, I want to weigh in on politics for just a bit: long enough to make my endorsement. After this, I will attempt to remain silent on the election. If you can’t indulge me my whim, you … Continue reading