Scared the Pants Off Me!

The night was exceptionally dark with just the tiniest sliver of a moon making a rare appearance from behind a rather thick cloud cover above the bay. I’ve walked the Satterlee Breakwater separating the bay from the cove many times, but on this night, with the thick darkness, I felt a slight uneasiness and a need to carefully watch my… Continue reading

More Corporate @#$% @HomeDepot UPDATED

So, you call Home Depot and schedule a date for them to come in a measure for a new carpet install. They take all of your address and payment information. You instantly get an email confirmation before hanging up. You make clear to them that you may need to change the date because you are coordinating this with another person,… Continue reading

Really, It Started Innocently Enough…

Seriously. A long time ago. Well, the last century. In the 90’s to be a bit more precise. My watch, actually, the one you see below, my Gucci bling (at the time) needed to be repaired. The crystal had to be replaced. Riches (remember those?) had to send it out to Gucci itself.   Who could live without a watch?… Continue reading

Cleanest Remote on Earth

Every Friday morning begins wash day. As I was pulling the sheets out of the washing machine I heard an unexpected sound. The remote control for the TiVo fell out of the washing machine and onto the floor. O dreadful! I inadvertently had scooped up the remote in the sheets and washed it! The batteries had fallen out and were… Continue reading

Atlanta Visit Comes to an End: Stories from the South

Advice: This post deals with the very serious subject of suicide in a very flippant way. If you have a sensitivity to this issue, you should not read this post. This visit to Atlanta was longer than most because the 4th of July Peachtree Road Race fell midweek. So, I’ve been here since Saturday and am heading back to California… Continue reading

Serendipity: Driving on Sunshine!

Today I went to Eckhart Trailer Hitch and Welding Company, which has been in LA since 1944, to get a hitch for a bike rack for Monica.  Just as the guys were finishing up, in drove a Leaf!  I was beside myself. Naturally, I walked up to the driver and asked him to tell me everything about his car.  He… Continue reading

Mystery Solved!

I’ve started taking greater care of my eating habits again.  Therefore I had to re-configure the scale to work on the newly reconfigured/secured home network.   (Yes, my scales use the internet, my iPhone, and even Twitter and Facebook!) When I did, I noticed a significant number of weigh ins on my Withings scale from an “unidentified user.”  I was puzzled.  … Continue reading

Please, Tell Me It’s Not So!

My favorite men’s fragrance for the past 94.3 years has been Boucheron for men.  I’ve worn it forever.  It’s the only cologne I wear.  I’ve even blogged about it as far back as July, 2004, about when this blog first began!  (It’s no. 84 in the list of 100 Things About Me.) In 2009, my favorite deodorant ceased production (I… Continue reading