Bad News Rolling

Mother had a terrible headache while we were all home.  At that time we thought she had pulled a muscle in her neck. Apparently it has become much worse.  Wondering if she has had another stroke, she has gone to the ER.  The hospital did a spinal tap.  Thank heavens she doesn’t have spinal meningitis.  They are running tests to… Continue reading


I visited with mother for the past several days. Her internet access has not worked since the hurricane. She was distressed that she has not been able to keep up with my “blob,” as she insisted on calling it. Turns out her cable modem died during the hurricane so I replaced it while I was there. Since she can now… Continue reading

The New Pensacola & The Old Peer

I just returned from visiting Pensacola, my first visit since the hurricanes. I was amazed. The city looks young again. Many of the huge trees are gone with much of the underbrush. I actually liked it. The neighborhood in which I grew up now has mostly small trees again–as it did when I was a child some 25 years ago.… Continue reading

Heart Trouble

I have been down in Pensacola. Mother called and said she was undergoing a heart procedure on Friday to see why she was having “spells.” The results of the test were good news in that she does not have any serious blockage to her heart. The doctor just thinks she is over-medicated and this brings on her symptoms (“spells” just… Continue reading

Blast from the Past

I grow increasingly amazed at how simple things can unexpectedly jolt me back 25 to 35 years in the past. Jeeze! I’m getting old! A friend recently sent some angel hair pasta and chicken parmesan my way in a bowl. The bowl sent me back 30 years. It was the same pattern my mother had when I was but a… Continue reading

Hungry Old Bear

It was dark and late. I was hungry. We came upon a rugged little restaurant in the Rockie’s, The Hungry Old Bear. We stopped. I had a great steak. Outside the front entrance were huge ice-cycles. I called mother. She loves ice-cycles. I took this picture at her request. (Click to enlarge)… Continue reading

O Dear!

Well.  Mother is over it.  She told me today that she thinks I’ve gone off the deep end, [I love that southern coastal expression.]  that I’m on a rampage and have just become too fanatical, way too fanatical.  She is much too polite and loving to ever post such a thing on my blog, but that’s how she feels about… Continue reading