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It Was Her First Time …

It was her first time… It was my first time. It seemed unnecessarily awkward. It was just not going the way either of us thought it would. Wasn’t this supposed to be fun? We kept trying different positions—every position we could think of. Nothing seemed to work. Until, very unexpectedly, it happened.

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Guess What I Did Today?!

You might have noticed that, after a few weeks of busy silence, today I posted several things, 9 posts to be exact, to my blog. I finally had the time to set aside some time to clean out my RSS feed reader. I save articles I want to write about. I had saved nearly 500 items. Now I have just over 100.

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ecco shoes

ecco Shoes Has Great Business Practice

I called the San Francisco ecco store to order a pair. They didn’t have both in stock and gave me their customer service number, from which I was told I could order the shoe strings. I called them and explained my objective. Regrettably, they don’t sell them. But the lady volunteered to mail me out replacement shoe strings free of charge!

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