Larry Tesler, RIP

You may not know him by name, but Larry Tesler touched a huge number of people with his ideas. He was the inventor of our digital concepts of Cut, Copy, and Paste and many other bits and bobs of human-computer interaction. The concept, from the old typesetting days when you literally got out the scissors and glue, is so simple… Continue reading

Some iPhone Shots

Still, I have so much to catch you up on with our travels, adventures and such. Here are some iPhone shots from the last several months. This is just a 30,000 foot overview. Click to enlarge The two photos below happened completely without any effort on my part. I picked up the tea glass, and the napkin smiled at me.… Continue reading

Revisiting 1983 and 1984

In the process of thinning out everything we are moving when we leave Atlanta, I came across two VHS tapes. One was recorded in 1983. The other was recorded in 1984. I remembered making these of the family at Christmas during those years. Problem We no longer have a way to watch them. We don’t have a functioning VHS player.… Continue reading


A month or so ago Steve and I decided to visit the birth place of the hippie movement in the 1960s: Haight-Ashbury. We’ve lived in the Bay Are for nearly ten years and had never walked the streets in this area. Doing so was a must before we left. We went early in the morning, before most of the stoned… Continue reading

Midlife Crisis?

A few weeks ago we decided to up the value of our masculinity card memberships: we bought a pickup truck. Can you believe it?! Here these liberal, electric-car-loving nerds who have never owned a pickup truck before in our lives go all out gas guzzling yeehaw on you!1 I’ve taken to walking with a bit of a swagger and spitting… Continue reading

A Chance Encounter…

that changed everything An improbable meetingAn unlikely placeThis very placeA StarbucksThis tableOutside [He’s so cute, and the place was packed!] “Mind if I have a seat?” Steve in his SPAM shirt – THE SPAM shirt! Tim & Steve at the Starbucks in the very seats where they met Before smartphonesBefore social mediaBefore the iPhoneBefore the selfiePeople talkedWe talkedHere A SPAM… Continue reading

Linda LeBlanc, San Francisco Realtor

Linda LeBlanc Selling a property on one coast from the other coast is not an easy task. Linda LeBlanc was the realtor that worked with us to sell our San Francisco condo while we were in Atlanta. Linda was stunning! I can not recommend her enough! She is the most efficient and communicative realtor we have ever worked with, no… Continue reading