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He’s Back, And Welcome A2!

I’ve been rather quiet on the blog front for a couple of weeks now. I’ve been busy at work on my blog behind the scenes. Very busy indeed! But I’m now back to posting. Welcome A2!

I’ve spent the past several weeks switching hosting companies: from MediaTemple to A2. My experience with MediaTemple between March and April was a nightmare

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mySQL Database Test

Today is an important milestone in the ongoing updating and upkeep of my blog. This is the first “test” post to the mySQL database that lives on the A2 server, my new hosting company. You probably will not be able to read this post until after I pull the switch on changing where lives: moving […]

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@MediaTemple Sadz

It has come to my attention that none of my server-side apps nor my blog can establish a database connection between around 4:30AM until 6:30AM. At least this has been a problem for the past several days. After repeated calls and an online chat, MediaTemple is aware of this issue and says they are “working […]

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Getting a Divorce

Yes, it’s true. I’m getting a divorce: from Facebook. We are in the “separation” phase. I’ve moved Facebook out: off of my iPad and my iPhone. I’m no longer going to use it from my iOS devices because those apps seem oppressively laden by Facebook’s marketing machine. So, I’m still checking my account from my […]

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