Not Impressed at All!

You pre-order an iPhone on the Apple website but then have to wait in line with the hundreds of others who just walk up to buy a phone. Why bother pre-order the phone then?! You download and install the new OS 3 on your 3G only to learn that any number of the new features in the OS don’t work… Continue reading

The World–Oh, It Is A Changin'

AT&T and the Ma Bell monopoly… Hmm… I recall the difficulty my grandmother had attaining her phone service after my grandfather died, and she moved into a maintenance-free apartment. The newly split up phone company set the stage for innovation but confused and frustrated her simple efforts to get a phone. In “the old days” you just made a call… Continue reading

I’ve Lost My Mind

I have never before participated in “group mania” until now, today, yes…this very moment. You see, I am infected with iPhone Mania. I am now sitting here in Lenox Mall, blogging live, waiting in the growing line of about 110 people for the iPhone, which doesn’t go on sale until 6:00PM. Fortunately, I am just across the hall from the… Continue reading

iPod and iTunes

Apple, as in computer, certainly has made a comeback from their last near death experience about 5 years ago.  And I for one am very glad. A longtime Apple enthusiast, even I, yes me, almost gave up on them when I purchased my PowerTower 250!  When they came back, they did so with the coolest of cool: the iPod (or… Continue reading