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iPhone Blackout Zone

What Could Be Worse than Pervasive and Perpetual Surveillance?

That all of our emails and phone calls and everywhere we go would be collected and stored by our democratic government was completely unimaginable to me just 10 years ago. Unthinkable! It’s the antithesis of free society! But we now live in a surveillance state. But to think that it will even get worse speaks […]

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RadiON iCon

RadiON Rocks!

I never thought I would want to listen to internet streaming radio stations. I have so many music options: my huge iTunes library, Pandora,, Rdio, and on and on. But then I discovered advertising-free AM Radio Sausalito, which I love! I discovered their website has a live stream; so, I wanted to listen through […]

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Chopin Manuscript Polanaise A Flat Major

How Times Have Changed!

Keep in mind that we recently got the piano on which I practiced as a child. Keep in mind that we spent a small fortune to bring it into good playing condition. Keep in mind that Van Cliburn, my musical inspiration as a teenager, just passed away. And, keep in mind that piano is my […]

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Laser Keyboard on Counter Top

My Über Christmas Gift

Yes, I’m known as a geek, and I frequently get “geek gifts.” I wasn’t expecting this one at all. It really is interesting. I just now got to play with it. The small device connects through bluetooth to another bluetooth device (my phone in this case) and projects a keyboard with a laser. It also […]

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