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Deliver Me!

I have been living in technology hell for over a week now. Email My email became completely unreliable. I was only getting about 5% of the emails I normally get. Apple support was unsure what the issue(s) was/were. I was convinced it was a server-side issue. They were not. Emails were not arriving or would arrive […]

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Steve & Olivia Newton-John

Las Vegas: Day Five

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened. Today is the day for which we have been waiting. Everything else was just fluff. Today is Steve’s chance to fall prostrate before his diva: Olivia Newton-John. I’ve already told him I was not bailing him out of jail if he charged the stage, leapt […]

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Yellow Submarine

Las Vegas: Day Four

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened. Today we drove out to see Hoover Dam. We stopped to have breakfast. Steve melted in the parking lot. All that remains is his hat to shield his little bald head from getting sunburned. We drove over the dam, but for security reasons, cars […]

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Steve in Las Vegas

Las Vegas: Day Two

This (August 21) post is backdated to the date it happened. We were lazy and slept in. Steve had to get up and out early enough to pick up some of the tickets we had ordered. They didn’t open at their advertised time! He was a melted mess by the time he got back. When we […]

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San Francisco Symphony

By Comparison: SFS/ASO

I suppose we become spoiled bit by bit, without really being aware of the process. When we repeatedly experience something marvelous, and are even acutely aware of how extraordinary the experiences are, we still seem somewhat unaware that our expectations for this new, higher level of perfection are also growing. I recently had this expectation […]

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Wayne Rogers: Trapper John MASH 1972

Wayne Rogers, RIP

2016 has already proved to be a sad year of loss as, early on, the giftedness of so many actors and musicians I grew up with have died: Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, Glenn Frey of the Eagles, and David Bowie. I want to honor the memory of another with this post: Wayne Rogers. I first came […]

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Natalie Cole 2007

Natalie Cole, RIP

My spine tingled when I heard Natalie Cole sing that unforgettable duet with her father at Chastain Park. She projected a genuine, kind and dignified stage presence and gave a wonderful concert. Her music is among my favorites, certainly in the top 20 of my play count. Cole released her best-selling album with 1991’s Unforgettable… with Love on […]

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Emanuel Ax

San Francisco Symphony

This past Saturday we were off to the San Francisco Symphony! This was my first ride on the Muni: the J line to Vann Ness and Market, which is a block south of Davies Symphony Hall. We ate at Il Borgo, one of our favorite pre-symphony eateries. The walk, however, was a little less than […]

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