Movie Review: Woman in Gold

A couple of weeks ago I watched Woman in Gold. I saw it on Netflix. I highly recommend this timely film, which is based on a true story. The film is based on the true story of Maria Altmann, an elderly Jewish refugee living in Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, who, together with her young lawyer, Randy Schoenberg [yes, grandson of… Continue reading

A Very Sordid Wedding

The weekend after the symphony concert on March 4th, Steve and I met up at LAX to drive down to Palm Springs for the world premier of A Very Sordid Wedding. We chose to drive because the flights from LAX to Palm Springs, though short, are insanely expensive. We now know why. No matter what it costs, FLY! We were… Continue reading

I Love Color!

I suppose most people do. Color is such a huge part of my selection process when picking anything out for purchase. Last Friday I bought several short-sleeved shirts. Style and fabric mattered, but color was what first drew me to each shirt. I’ve often wished I could design the color patterns in my own clothes: create the fabric itself. Most… Continue reading

AppleTV & Living in the Moment

Warning: venting! I have to wait! Every time I go to use an Apple product, something has either updated or wants to be updated. And this house has 14 Apple devices! God, that’s a lot of waiting!!! Today I wanted to listen to my music library jazz playlist via the AppleTV in the living room while I folded clothes. (Yes,… Continue reading

Napa Valley Film Festival

In its third year and hosted across the valley, the  Napa Valley Film Festival is awesome. These folks not only put together a great film festival, they also have a great web site. Check it out! I went this year, for a hurried trip, because I wanted to see Meryl Streep‘s new movie: August: Asage County. The film opens in… Continue reading

Greece/Denmark: Day Twelve — Travel Day: Paris to San Francisco

The best travel days are those that produce nothing about which to blog! I caught up on my movies: The Great Gatsby, Side Effects, Dead Man Down, The Company You Keep, Stuck in Love, and Gangster Squad. The Great Gatsby Pleasant flight: Not too hot onboard. AirFrance frequent lightly sautés their passengers. Best of all: 3 warm hand towels with… Continue reading

I Can’t Wait!

This documentary about the skill and art of sign painters looks like it will be great fun. The trailer hints at rich and quirky characters, the warmth, and personable nature of a bygone era. I can’t wait to see it. The book is already out, and I’ve ordered it. Check out their website at this link. There was a time,… Continue reading

The Petro Vlahos Legacy

Petro VlahosRIP 1916 – 2013 Petro Vlahos died on February 10, 2013. His work, in many ways, defines modern visual effects in the film today. Among other things, Petro Vlahos is known for refining green (and blue) screen film technology for the Motion Picture Research Council by adding motion control cameras with traveling mattes. This stuff fascinates me. For those… Continue reading

Cancel Your @Netflix Accounts

So @Netflix has now jacked up my billing rate twice in the last several months.  This time they have at least doubled the monthly rate I originally started with just over 1 year ago. Originally Netflix was a great deal.  I love how I can stream video to my AppleTV and my iPad/iPhone.  It usually works well.  They are amazingly… Continue reading

Eagerly Waiting…

I’ve blogged about this role before, when I first heard Meryl Streep, one of my all time favorites, would be playing Margaret Thatcher.  The teaser is excellent. Related articles Teaser: Meryl Streep in ‘The Iron Lady’ ( The Iron Lady Movie Trailer: Another Oscar for Meryl Streep? (… Continue reading