Came Together Nicely

So I’ve been in Atlanta for a couple of weeks putting together our pied-à-terre. All of the lights are the new LEDs which use very little electricity and are barely warm to the touch. Inexpensive styling all by the designers at Room and Board (love!); Bed, Bath, and Beyond; Target; Pier 1; and IKEA. All of the “plants” had to… Continue reading

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

I’ve blogged, last year, about Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. They have started another campaign. And while one could find numerous potential issues with methodology, I think their campaign makes some irrefutable points that need to be assimilated into our culture. Corporate fashion and glamour marketing promotes a tremendously unhealthy self image, especially among women. They know the uglier you think… Continue reading

Inspired to Macro

Last week, using my iPhone, I shot several pictures of many of my old watches. Shooting with an iPhone has some significant limitation, and shooting close ups (macro photography) with an iPhone is particularly challenging. Most of those shots were just awful, frankly. Blurred. Even though I mad some attempt to focus the photos… Pulling focus is always a huge… Continue reading

Really, It Started Innocently Enough…

Seriously. A long time ago. Well, the last century. In the 90’s to be a bit more precise. My watch, actually, the one you see below, my Gucci bling (at the time) needed to be repaired. The crystal had to be replaced. Riches (remember those?) had to send it out to Gucci itself.   Who could live without a watch?… Continue reading

Who Knew Knotting a Tie Could Be So Interesting…

Apparently Alex Krasny has a thing for tying tie knots. I’ve been victimized by the same old tie knot my entire life. But now, he has introduced me to a world of tie knot fun! So, for my future reference (the next time I need to tie a tie and want to live closer to the edge of tie knot… Continue reading

More of Helen’s Colorful Life Well Lived

Steve returned from New York with several boxes of things from Aunt Helen’s final estate settlement: among them, her journals dating back to 1930. Posted here are photos of one of her vintage hats we just unpacked. Not only is the hat a cool vintage shape and fabric, it contains over 40 vintage buttons: buttons over buttons! Slogans, sayings, spirit,… Continue reading