Is It Really Broken?

Reasonable people will think you’re crazy if you’re trying to fix something that isn’t broken. If you haven’t read “The Manufactured Crisis” you need to do so. According to those authors test scores in the USA have consistently been on the rise. But rising test scores doth not political careers or market share make! The “crisis” all started back in… Continue reading

Another Amazing Bumper Sticker

I saw it today. I wanted to laugh, but the power of the message was too overwhelming. I am going to write an article here soon entitled, Am I Conservative Or Am I Liberal. The duplicity of the republican platform actually hurts my heart. In recent years many have seen the message campaign of the conservative christian movement, What Would… Continue reading

Once Again!

Simply incredulous! The Bush administration is seeking to obtain the authority to delay the November election because of possible terrorist threats. No specifics are given, well, they never are–just words like bad, massive, etc. His administration loves colors too: red, orange! Reminds me of Pavlov’s dogs and bells. Show the color and the nation is supposed to salivate for the… Continue reading