How Can You Not Love San Francisco?!

If you’re of my generation you probably saw the TV series, The Streets of San Francisco, and you know how crazy steep many of the streets are in the city. Or, you may have simply visited the city. You haven’t lived until you’ve slogged up some of those painfully steep streets. But what if you could flatten the streets with… Continue reading

Colonnade: Lights, Cameras, Action

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants, the Colonnade ((literally, an Atlanta institution)), on Monday of this week and saw that they would be closed all day, yesterday. Apparently they are being used as the set in a movie. We drove by yesterday, en route to/from another staple in our restaurant repertoire, and I shot this photo of all… Continue reading

Clever & Funny Advertising

Those who know me well know that I detest advertising. The advertisements for the new Ant-Man movie are a rare exception. Just the right size for the ants (an important target market for the film), the billboards are clever and made me laugh. Hat tip to Cameron for calling my attention to them. Related articles These Tiny Ant-Man Billboards Are… Continue reading

Let’s Chat about Banksy Graffiti

These are some initial thoughts after an encounter with Banksy graffiti, whose work I find provokes my thinking on several different levels. In my opinion, if there is any truly great sin widely practiced in our world today, it’s the failure to think, for deep thinking almost always enjoins action. Banksy takes this on with verve. Banksy had a 2013 … Continue reading

Kim Leuenberger: Traveling Cars Adventures Series

I stubbled onto this interesting collection of photos by Kim Leuenberger. Her Traveling Cars Adventures series is a collection of old miniature cars staged and photographed by the young Swiss photographer. If you like her images below, you can find more at the French source post. (Source: fubiz) You can also check out her work at her smugmug pro account,… Continue reading