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Awesome Photoshop Tip

I have always found using the magic wand to create a selection a bit, well… troubled. Some people call it the “tragic wand.” In some circumstances it works well. In others, not so. Here’s the best way to grab a selection, especially when you are trying to grab graphic elements that have transparency around the […]

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Another Geek Moment

My apologies. I can never set up this code correctly to properly link the audio and the slideshow. The code below does just that and is included here on my “memory in the sky” for my future reference. Below is the code when embedding a SlideShowPro (Slide Show Pro, SSP) slideshow into a post. This […]

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Sausalito Sailing Timelapse

Ahh! Spring in Sausalito…

I’ve been striving to master timelapse and have a long way to go! But here is a timelapse (for study purposes: what happens when…) shot from my office window. When time is sped up, you can see patterns in the wind on the bay. And when everyone got off work they went out on their […]

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That Pesky .htaccess File Problem

My apologies for my blog being down for 4 days! I was playing around with a new plugin or two and they somehow corrupted my .htaccess file. Figuring out how to fix it was much more difficult than usual. Since this has happened 3 times over the past year, here is a reminder to myself […]

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Standardized Tests

Testing: 1, 2, 3…

I put together this widget, and this post is just a test to see how well it works. It’s really just a proof of concept. Theoretically, this widget can be imbedded in a book created with iBooks Author, and that’s the next step in the testing process. This is only a test… Note to self: […]

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System Preferences Window with Customize... Selected

Well, Shazam!

I just learned a new Mac OS 10.7 trick I didn’t know: you can customize what system control panel icons are shown in your system control panel. Go to your System Control panel and either click the View menu at the top of the screen and then select Customize… or Click and hold the “Show […]

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