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pedal desk

Fidget to Learn

I recently stumbled across these pedal desks, in which students pedal as they work. I had no idea these existed, and I find this very curious as a tool to help children who are hyperactive and have a difficult time focusing their attention.

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T Initial

Awesome Photoshop Tip

I have always found using the magic wand to create a selection a bit, well… troubled. Some people call it the “tragic wand.” In some circumstances it works well. In others, not so. Here’s the best way to grab a selection, especially when you are trying to grab graphic elements that have transparency around the […]

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Digital Network Communications Connectivity

Was I Really THAT Wrong?!

This has been rumbling around in the back of my mind bugging me for the past few weeks; so, I decided to blog about it. Those who know me well know that for the past 30 years I have been a huge advocate for embracing technology. Of late however, I’ve been seriously rethinking my participation […]

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Another Geek Moment

My apologies. I can never set up this code correctly to properly link the audio and the slideshow. The code below does just that and is included here on my “memory in the sky” for my future reference. Below is the code when embedding a SlideShowPro (Slide Show Pro, SSP) slideshow into a post. This […]

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Sausalito Sailing Timelapse

Ahh! Spring in Sausalito…

I’ve been striving to master timelapse and have a long way to go! But here is a timelapse (for study purposes: what happens when…) shot from my office window. When time is sped up, you can see patterns in the wind on the bay. And when everyone got off work they went out on their […]

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