Three Different Types of Hay? Hm. News to Us!

Well, to be honest, there may even be more than three for all we know. But prior to moving to Oregon and having to learn about keeping horses, because we now own one and tend to two more, I had no idea that there are three different types of hay:

5 tons of hay – Straw in the tractor, Alfalfa in the middle, and grass in the back of our shop
  1. Straw (that they sleep on in the stable and is lighter than the others)
  2. Alfalfa (that will fatten them up, apparently, and can weigh up to 120 pounds per bale)
  3. Grass (what most people around here feed their horses, and can weigh up to 100 pounds per bale)

This explains why our first attempt to feed the horses hay was a total failure! They ate the oats we placed on the flake1 , but they didn’t even nibble any of what we later learned is straw. I thought they were just being picky at the time. Hah!

We can both attest to the fact that hay of any kind is heavy, heavy, heavy! Like, bust a gut kind of heavy! As in, pay the delivery guys whatever they charge to stack it up. The pile of hay you see in the photo above is 5 tons worth! My goodness, no wonder the men around here are beastly strong!

The transition from city boys is not without its bumps in the road.

  1. a technical term that refers to a single segment of the whole bale which contains maybe 10 flakes 

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