Teflon Glides

Each leg of our dining room chairs had felt pads that stuck to the bottom of them. This worked fairly well in the dining room when we lived on Wild Creek Trail. Those floors were hardwood. However, on occasion, the felt would catch and come off of the chair. Then the adhesive, which stuck to the bottom of the chair legs would get on the hardwood floors and make a mess.

Here, our dining room floor is tile. The grout seams between the tiles catches the felt pads and knocks them off of the chair legs within 6 times of moving the chairs across the tile. Then the chair totally sticks to the tile floor. Once stuck, moving the chair is very challenging. I have to tilt it side to side to unstick it. The chairs just will not otherwise slide out from under the table.

Then, the adhesive began accumulating on the tiles. Oh goodness! What a mess!

I pulled the remaining felt pads off of all of the chair legs and scrubbed the adhesive completely off using Goo-Be-Gone. This was actually a bit of an ordeal. But then, the chairs made this tremendously annoying scraping sound when you pulled them out from under the table.

I mentioned my dilemma to a young man in the area who makes furniture and other things. He suggested I try some teflon glides. So I ordered these (pictured to the left) from Amazon and installed them on all of the chairs: vast improvement!

I wasn’t sure if I should order the nail-on or the screw-on versions. I chose the nail on because the impact to the chair (size of the hole) would be smaller. Installation required drilling a small hole in the center of the bottom of each chair leg and then hammering the glide in place. The process went smoothly.

I hope the nails are strong enough to stand up to the daily wear and tear of being pulled and pushed around on the tile’s grouted seams. They appear to be solid.