Did We Kill Our Horse?!

Our Horse

When we had come to an agreement on the deal on our new home, our realtor asked casually, “So, what about the horses? Do you want them?”

We responded, “Horses?! What horses?!!”

We had been told that the horses staying in the pasture were there by arrangement with those horses’ owners and the soon-to-be previous homeowner. One of the horses was coming with the property unless we wanted the soon-to-be previous homeowners to find a new home for it in the area. Yes, we were shocked. We have never dealt with horses!

Long story short: we kept the horse and the 2 other horses continue to stay in our pasture to keep the grass cut.

But, a couple of weeks ago, we were driving down the driveway heading to town to run errands, and I didn’t see our horse in the pasture. I saw the other two, but not ours. Then I saw him on his side on the ground with his legs (farthest away from the ground) just sort of sticking up as if he were dead. Something was wrong. I had never seen any horse ever do this. I was horrified.

I jumped out of the truck and called his name. He raised his head to look at me, but he made no effort to get up. Did he fall? Did he break his leg? Was he attacked by some wild animal in the night. (I’m told there are many wild things lurking in this deep darkness.) Did someone shoot him?

I rushed into the pasture, which sort of unnerved the other two horses who were standing by him. I had never actually been inside the pasture with them before now. I walked up to him. I didn’t see any injury. As I was talking to him, he would occasionally look up at me, but he didn’t seem to have any interest in standing up.

Having no idea what to do, I called the local ferrier, who, thank heavens, keeps his horse here with ours. He said that he might have had a stroke or a belly ache. Apparently they like to lie down when they have stomach problems. He told me to keep an eye on him for 30 minutes, and he would call me back.

During this time, a large diesel fire truck drove up the road near the pasture making a monstrous noise that spooked the horses who were already somewhat uncomfortable with my being in the pasture right next to them. The two who had been standing around ran away from me. This spooked our horse who leapt to his feet and also ran.

He appeared fine: no limping, no injuries, nothing wrong at all. He seems to have been fine ever since. So, who knows.

I was horrified that we were going to be known as those two city boys who came out here and killed their horse in less than a month! Thankfully, no.