My Husband the Tree Hugger

You may recall my previous post on the Tree that Defies Gravity. Well, the entrance to the property has several really old trees in an area we are told was probably an Indian village hundreds of years ago. The people that told us this say they have found numerous artifacts in a couple of areas over the past few decades.… Continue reading

The Workout Room

One of the greatest house improvements resulting from our move has been our exercise room. Previously, the exercise equipment was crammed into the tiny unfinished mechanical room of our home. We had to squeeze around it. But in our new home, the exercise room is utterly expansive by comparison. One wall is windows with an expansive view of the old… Continue reading

Impressive Deadbolt

Having just purchased a house, we need to rekey the property. We prefer keyless locks because we don’t always have our keys with us. And this, being the largest property we have ever had, makes walking out to the shop (a quarter mile from the house) only to realize you don’t have your key to the shop1 a real pain.… Continue reading

A Great iPad Desktop for You

Steve shot this sunset photo a couple of days ago using his old iPhone X. The weather had stormed all day until just before sunset. We were both surprised at this unexpected beauty. I am using it as my iPad desktop photo. Feel free to download it and use it as your tablet desktop photo. Sunset over the Pacific Ocean… Continue reading

Crepuscular Light

I recently encountered this phrase and was unfamiliar with it. Apparently it refers to light rays, beams of light emanating from a bright source through enough atmospheric haze or debris as to cause those beautiful rays of light: crepuscular light. Crepuscular rays or “God rays” are sunbeams that originate when the sun is below the horizon, during twilighthours.[3] Crepuscular rays… Continue reading

Deadly, Beautiful, & at the End of Our Driveway

We were told that our property has many mushrooms, and the with rainy weather, we are beginning to see more and more of them. I downloaded an app that identifies mushrooms from photos you take. It provides the name and information about the mushroom. This afternoon I shot this photo of a mushroom at the end of the driveway by… Continue reading