Bye, Bye Atlanta! Hello Pacific Ocean!

When we returned to Atlanta in 2015, we knew it would only be for a short time. After living on the West coast of the United States for approaching 10 years, our plan was always to retire on the Pacific coast. We love the weather and stunning scenery there by the ocean.

We placed our Atlanta home on the market in 2019. We loved our Atlanta house! It had a fabulous energy: open, bright, airy, welcoming in the outside landscape. And, despite the pandemic, it sold in 2020. Effective today, we are no longer residents of Georgia. Pity. We would have loved to have some part in turning the state blue!

I will miss Atlanta. I have lived in Atlanta a total of 25 years! You grow attached. You put down roots. But the West coast was the birthplace of my soul. I return to paradise with my husband. Our hope is to live out the remainder of our days on the Pacific Ocean, savoring its majestic energy, and thrilling to the climate it produces on that gorgeous craggy coastline.