An Outfit a Day to Relieve the QuaranTim Blues

Yes, to do something different in an effort to amuse myself and help pass the time, I am paying more attention to what I wear every day. I was also thinking that my hair is going to look a bit shaggy very soon. I would normally have gone to get my hair cut by now.

So, I’m sharing a few pictures of my different looks this week.

I Love Hats

I’ve always felt cheated when JFK stopped wearing hats and giving all of the men in the country permission to stop wearing hats. And then we had “The Wet Head Is Dead” campaign.

Men were encouraged to bow dry their hair instead of oiling it up with Vitalis and the like. (Did you know you can still find that stuff in the stores?! I kid you not.) I remember the preachers of my youth preaching that a man who chose to blow dry his hair was a “sissy”. What idiots! I digress…

When I wear a hat, I literally put it on all day long; otherwise, I have “hat hair.” My hair is easily “dented.” And once my hair has been “placed” by drying it after a shower or putting a hat on it, it stays that way until it is washed again. Otherwise, I would probably wear a hat ever day.

Stacked with Tie

I decided to begin this adventure with a tie, a corduroy shirt, and hair stacked up to the heavens to collect as much pollen as possible. As the shirt is obviously a casual shirt, I decided not to button the top button, to loosen the tie a bit, and to wear tan pants. This is an a-typical casual look for me.

The Brown Cowboy

I love this shirt, but I rarely wear it. “Why?” everyone clamors to ask. Because this shirt’s soft fabric is made from 51% nylon and 49% polyester, it generates a massive amount of tiny static charges. The static is so minimal as not to shock you, but enough that literally every move you make in the shirt makes annoying scratchy crackling sounds.

The sound is so loud and so constant, I first thought pattern paper had been accidentally sewn into the shoulders of the shirt. I get used to the noise it makes, but I still find it annoying enough to not wear the shirt very often even though I love the color, pattern and softness of the fabric.

I need some cowboy boots!

A Scottish Lad

We literally bought this tweed flat cap (or scally cap, paddy cap, cheese cutter, or driving cap) while visiting a castle in the Scottish Highlands. It was made in Scotland from Scottish wool.

This is my favorite hat! I love the fabric, the color, the style and the softness. It also fits well.

Future Styles for QuaranTim

As my hair starts to get bushier, I may decide to play with its styling. I’m unsure if these various looks will be share to the masses or not. I’m even toying with the idea of buzz cutting my own hair when it gets much too long to deal with in any civilized manner.

Who knows. Only time will tell. One thing seems more certain, QuaranTim is probably not a sprint. Me thinks we will be in this for the long haul.