The House after Running It through the Blander

As I’ve mentioned before, we sanitized the house for sale. By that I mean we removed almost everything of color. (Even books that had color in their bindings!) We removed all clutter. We removed everything that could possible distract the eye from seeing what we are selling: the house itself. (We’re throwing the yard in as a bonus parting gift to anyone who buys the house.)

So, naturally, it feels like we don’t even live here any more. Here are a few iPhone shots of what remains.

So this is the house after it was run through the blander. We got to keep a few pieces of color, but very few.

Now, I must confess to liking a couple of the changes. I like Steve’s office without the leather chairs. We moved his desk around a bit. Looks better to me.

And with the large fake tree thing (which I love) moved from the in front of the window in the dining room, you can now see the gorgeous real tree outside that window. Nice!