Tsunami Alert

The view from our hotel room on the ocean

A few months back we were staying at a hotel directly on the Pacific Ocean. We were crazy close to the water. A good ball player could have easily thrown a ball from our balcony into the sea. Yes, we were that close. The sound of the ocean surf was, as is always the case for me, intoxicating! I loved it. You can see in the photo how close our room was to the ocean.

I was only mildly concerned that we might wake up the next morning with our room in the surf itself. And there were several pamphlets and information sheets and maps telling you what to do in the event of a Tsunami. This area has in fact been hit and damaged by tsunami before. All of the directions indicated what to do if you heard the tsunami alert sirens go off.

Few things help me sleep better than the sound of the ocean surf. I slept like a rock, which is rare for me. Steve, on the other hand, found it too difficult to sleep with the sound of the ocean as loud as it was. Why? Because the crashing surf was irregular. If the sound broke its regular rhythm, he would lie awake waiting in anticipation for the next crash of the waves.

Then it happened in the middle of the night! The tsunami alert siren went off. Steve was horrified. What do we do now?!

Well, no. The heater came on and made a siren-like sound. There was no tsunami. Silly man!