Steve sitting by the fireplace

Switching Things Up

Most of us are creatures of habit. We listen to the same music over and over. We eat the same foods over and over. We go to the same places time and time again. We are all but totally predictable. I suppose in some ways we find comfort in the expected, the known.

I’m not much of an exception. This gets on my nerves, especially lately. I’ve been trying to switch things up, get out of my comfort zone, go exploring.

Steve is also a creature of habit. I would even argue that he is much more a creature of habit than I am. On occasion I’ll gnaw on him a little bit for listening to the same 3 pieces of music he always listens too. (Of course, I exaggerate. He listens to 4 pieces of music, each is disco–no lie, they are all disco!)

But recently he has been switching things up. I find this shocking.

Last night he came down to my office with the fireplace remote control. It wasn’t working. Huh?! We have only turned the fireplace on once, and that was years ago! (Turns out the batteries were dead.)

I replaced the batteries for him. When I finished up in my office and went into the loft, he had the fireplace on. It was actually an excellent idea. The loft was unusually chilly. But the fireplace not only heated it up but made the space wonderfully cozy. He looked so cute sitting there I had to take a photo of him.

Reading by the fire

Earlier in the week he drove Chloe down to 4 miles of range–unheard of for Steve!

This morning I woke up and came into the kitchen for breakfast, and he was sitting where I always sit in the loft. He never sits where I always sit in the loft, especially for breakfast!

So, for whatever reasons, he’s started switching things up, and I kind of like that! Big changes are certainly in the making for us; so, I guess it’s time for some little ones too!