Linda LeBlanc, San Francisco Realtor

Linda LeBlanc
Linda LeBlanc

Selling a property on one coast from the other coast is not an easy task. Linda LeBlanc was the realtor that worked with us to sell our San Francisco condo while we were in Atlanta. Linda was stunning! I can not recommend her enough!

She is the most efficient and communicative realtor we have ever worked with, no exceptions! She is a go-getter and stayed on top of project management from start to finish. She listened and accommodated our wishes. She delivered on everything she promised exactly as she promised. But she also went far above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. She literally took all of the pain out of a distant property sale. When there were problems or issues, she was on top of them and kept us informed.

Totally professional, Linda knows the Bay Area market inside and out. And her knowledge isn’t based on personal hunches or impressions but on her detailed market research. She knows the Bay Area market. And she knows how to prep a property for a very quick sale. And she knows how to market that property.

Because she is so good, Linda deals with a significant number of property transactions every year. But, amazingly, we literally felt as though we were her only clients. Now, I know we weren’t, but that’s how effective she is at managing. We felt as though she had all of her attention focused on our transaction. Even I was impressed!

And if all of this were not enough, she is one of the most delightful, thoughtful, positive karmic souls you can encounter.1 She didn’t just get results for us, she made the experience, the whole process, easy and painless.

If you are buying or selling property in the Bay Area, I encourage you to seriously consider working with Linda LeBlanc. I have high expectations, and we have made numerous property transactions through the years, and working with her was hands down the best real estate experience we’ve ever had! Ever!

  1. Oh, and as gay men, we can tell you her fashion sense is fabulous!