Bye Bye L’orteil

We left Sausalito in 2014 to return to Atlanta. But we missed the Bay Area so much! We decided to purchase a tiny condo in San Francisco. We have owned that property for the last 4 years.

You’ve heard of the pied a terre (foot on the earth). Our condo was so small we called it l’orteil a terre (toe on the earth). It was just a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

As we enter retirement, we decided to sell our home in Atlanta and our apartment in San Francisco as we relocate elsewhere on the west coast.1 At the beginning of this week, l’orteil sold. It’s title changed hands. So, we thought we would share a glimpse of this lovely “toe on the earth” in The City that we love so much.

The San Francisco Real Estate Market

It’s not as sizzling hot at it can get at times, but the real estate market in the city is very different from many other areas of the country. Our condo was in the bottom of the price point for San Francisco and in a prime location. As a result, within 5 days of it going on the market, it sold for asking price with a cash offer, no contingencies, and a 10 day closing. We had another offer above asking price, but that deal had some “squishy” elements to it; so, we turned it down.

The building, the Infinity, is exceptional. The staff couldn’t be more helpful. The new owner was renting in the building, in our tower, and wanted to own. Hence, the sale.

The neighborhood is also sensational. The condo is a block from the Embarcadero where fabulous restaurants and markets abound. We loved strolling along the bay after dinner.

Before the unit went on the market, it was painted. The floors were refinished, and it was staged. First I’ll share some media showing the way we had it–nothing fancy. (The photos are not the best because they were shot on an iPhone in low light.) Then I’ll share the marketing photos of the condo after the pros had their way with it.

How We Had the Condo

From the website advertising the property

Without a doubt, the possibilities for exceptional living are literally infinite at The Infinity. Musicians, photographers and mathematicians have lived within these walls and explored the building and city that stretch beyond it with vigor and verve. The brilliant combination of light, color and architectural dimension come together in perfect harmony in this spacious and well appointed one-bedroom condominium. When international Architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica joined forces with local powerhouse Heller Manus to conceive the Infinity Towers, they knew then, what we all know now. The waterfront is a veritable 21st century playground complete with floating parks, markets boasting the best of the local harvest and wide open flat paths for walking, running, biking and boating to islands and adjacent lands for work and play. Without a doubt, the possibilities for exceptional living are literally infinite at The Infinity.

Incomparable Features Include:

  • Refinished wood floors
  • Bosch appliances
  • Thermador refrigerator
  • Walk-in closet with custom organizers
  • Nook for office space
  • Stackable Bosch washer and dryer
  • Abundant natural light sources
  • Hunter Douglas window treatments
  • One-car independent garage parking
–From the promotional website

How the Condo Was Staged

Photos of the Building Itself

Some of the best weather in all of San Francisco can be claimed by South Beach. Found at the foot of the Oakland Bay Bridge, and bracketed by the Embarcadero and the Giants baseball stadium, this is exciting stretch of waterfront city is one of San Francisco’s great walking neighborhoods. An affluent area, there are a large number of converted warehouses as well as new construction catering to luxury condos, luxury high rises, and luxury lofts. Take a morning walk to work, or visit the ballpark, or explore the Ferry Building – all of it within your grasp in this enticing section of the city.

Relaxing weekend mornings bring residents down from the high rises to walk dogs, or take a run along the Embarcadero where public art and bayside breezes are all part of the restorative setting. Catch a breakfast at the Ferry Building, while you enjoy the vibrant weekly farmers market. Find a robust cup of Blue Bottle Coffee, and a hunk of intoxicating cheese from Cowgirl Creamery.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, plus the world-famous SF MOMA, are all part of the local cultural universe that surrounds life here. YBCA delivers daring theater, dance, music and film. The finest in urban cuisine can be found along these block, including Lulu, Azie, South Park Cafe, Delancey Street. Find a boat rental at City Kayak and explore the city by water. South Beach is luxurious city life at your fingertips, and nothing less.

–From the promotional website

Photos of the Awesome Walking Neighborhood

Photos after We Moved Out : (

We will miss l’orteil! I hope the new owner loves the space as much as we did!

As soon as our Atlanta home sells, new adventures await us. Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future we will be able to share more about what is going on with our relocation and where we finally land. We suspect the best is yet to come.

Important Aside

For information about the real estate agent, Linda LeBlanc, who worked with us and whom we highly recommend, check out this post, which will be published on February 13, 2020.

  1. Where that will end up being exactly remains to be seen.