Gasp! He Lives!!

I know. I know.

You thought I had died and gone to heaven.

It’s been months! Almost 9 months. (Yes, I just posted that last post and backdated it to July when it all happened.)

You know the drill. Here is where I blather on about how busy I’ve been: blather, blather, blather. And it’s true. So much has happened in the last 9 months I couldn’t catch you up on it if I wanted to without leaving all kinds of important things out. But here is the biggest news: Steve retired!

I know. Another gasp.

We all thought he would work in the salt mines of capitalism until he collapsed and died. But, thankfully, he didn’t. So we have spent the last many months trying to decide what we actually want to do, and where we want to live. It’s a bit overwhelming when you suddenly can literally do anything you want to do. The sky is the limit.

So, what to do.

Well, we promptly went to Iceland. Truth be told: this trip had already been planned months and months back. And a fabulous trip it was. Eventually, I will post my travel journals from the trip.

So, in the next few weeks, depending on how insane schedules are, because lots of insanity is swirling about at hurricanes speeds, I will start a series of posts to catch everyone up to date. Truly, I have much to share.