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Am I the Only One?

Am I the only person that remembers that when gay conversion “therapy” (read: torture) began to fall apart and many of those US “ministries” began to go out of business for lack of funds, they1 hopped on the planes and jetted right over to Russia2 ? Hmmm… Russia, of all places. Why Russia, I wonder? The next thing we hear is that Russia is “pressuring” other countries, and then they all got to work torturing and killing gay people. It was in the news again today.


Am I the only person that remembers that a Russian spy is in jail today. Her mission was to manipulate (and probably a lot of money was involved) the NRA. Yes, that NRA, as in National Rifle Association. Yes, the key leadership of the NRA hopped a plane and jetted over to Moscow, too. Her mission also included infiltrating conservative politics, as in the GOP. And this week we learn this was all sanctioned by the Kremlin itself.

Am I the only person that remembers that the religious leaders mentioned in the first paragraph are the same shmucks that brought us and still support the baby Christian3 they put in the White House, along with the Russians?

Am I the only person that remembers that Russia attacked our democracy by actively swinging the elections through fake news and god knows what else?

Trump’s Pal

Am I the only person that thinks Trump is a Russian asset? (I guess not based on this week’s news! And here’s a quick list of 18 reasons he just might be.) He did Putin’s bidding by withdrawing the US from Syria. Withdrawing from NATO, which he has mentioned on multiple occasions, would work nicely for his big buddy too.

Am I the only one that thinks that Trump is hurting the whole country by insisting the government remain shut down over his little temper tantrum wall? My guess is that this is just a diversionary strategy to try to keep us distracted from his being attached to Putin.

american flag prison

Am I the only one that suspects that the GOP has been very effectively managed if not controlled by Russian pressures, are afraid the truth about their funding ties via the NRA and it’s Russian-influenced agenda will come out, and will they continue to fail in their constitutional duty to check/balance the White House when it is clearly working against the best interests of the nation–our nation (not Russia)? You have to give Russia a lot of credit. They are very effectively destroying the USA and its influence around the world without firing a single shot or launching any of their new nuclear missiles.

This list could go on and on. Snatching babies from their mothers and putting them in cages… How long are we going to drag this out? Impeach, skip the pardon, and imprison Trump before the country is irreparably damaged, if that isn’t already the case. As I’ve said before, his is treason.

To the remaining Trump supporters: At some point, as vast amounts of evidence mounts on every front, you have to ask yourself, “What does it take to make you realize you made a mistake supporting this criminal, this mob boss?” When is enough going to be enough? Just curious.

  1. Brian Brown (National Organization of Marriage), et. al.  

  2. See this article. There are many others. 

  3. “Grab ’em by the p**sy!