cell phone

Getting More Forgetful

Like most people, I use my cell phone a lot. I take it with me everywhere I go. I use it for navigation, for controlling the lights in the house, for controlling all of the entertainment systems in the house, for keeping up with what’s going on in the world, for taking pictures and shooting video. The list could go on and on.

I’m actually too dependent on my cell phone.

Have you ever had that dream where you leave the house without being fully dressed? Well, that’s how I feel if my cell phone is not within arm’s reach at any point in time. I really need to do something about my utter dependency on this surveillance device.

But I probably won’t.

Cell Phone

When we were on vacation in Scotland, we visited the gloriously picturesque town of St. Andrews. We walked around a good bit shooting photos and taking in the beauty of this ancient seaside town. We even stopped for a bite to eat at a cafe there.

About an hour after we left, while driving down the road, I became panicked. I didn’t have my cell phone! Oh god! Had I left it someplace back in St. Andrews? I had to have. We searched the car thoroughly. We couldn’t find my phone anywhere. I was absolutely beside myself.

If we went back, where in the world had I left it? Where would I find it? Had I left it at the table? Had it fallen out of my pocket as we walked the cobblestone streets? I was fritzed!

Holy cow! We were using it to navigate our trip back to Edinburgh. It was right in front of us attached to the car vent. We had been looking at it for the past hour as we drove.

I’m getting crazy forgetful!

Last night, as we pulled into the garage after dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, I reached to get my phone as I was getting out of the car. It wasn’t where I keep it. I freaked out yet once again.

We checked the car everywhere. We didn’t find the phone.

I knew I had used the phone at dinner. Had I left it on the table? No. It was in my shirt pocket. I never put the phone in that pocket, yet I did last night.

I do not like becoming more forgetful!