Beltline Over Ponce

Out and About on Atlanta’s Beltline

This afternoon we did two new things: we ate at Surin of Thailand on Highland Avenue, and we went for a 4 mile round-trip walk along the midtown Beltline’s Eastside Trail.

Beltline Eastside Trail Map
Eastside Trail Map


I only ate at Surin of Thailand once–about two decades ago. Back then I ordered something that was so hot and spicy, I never wanted to eat there again! And, I didn’t until today.

Today I had the ginger stir fry with chicken and really enjoyed it! I’d say it was 3 stars out of 5. Since two restaurants are no longer in our already shrinking restaurant rotation (Cow Tippers has permanently closed, and Roxx gave Steve food poisoning twice in a row with different dishes) this place definitely goes into the rotation.

Surin of Thailand
Surin of Thailand

We desperately need to expand our list of restaurants! We prefer places that are close to the house, but I suspect we will need to expand further out if we really want to increase the list1

Afternoon Activity

Steve on the Beltline
Steve on the Beltline Today

Steve runs along the Beltline often. I’ve only been on the tiniest stretch of it by Piedmont Park nearest the parking deck. I wasn’t all that impressed with it and assumed the whole thing was much the same as that gravelly/dirt portion. Today I learned this is not at all the case.

We hopped on the Beltline right at 10th Street and Monroe Avenue. It’s nicely surfaced and was jammed with walkers, bicyclists, runners, and people of all ages on electric scooters. And I do mean it was jammed! We walked 2 miles south towards Freedom Parkway and then back to Piedmont Park.

I was shocked once again at how Atlanta has changed. This is definitely an area designed for young people. New lofts and work spaces abound alongside restaurants and “breweries” and the Historic Fourth Ward Park. The amount of development here is nothing short of astounding.

Beltline Wall Mural
Beltline Wall Mural

The weather was exceptionally nice, and the crowds were out in force. We walked the Eastside Trail all the way down to the Historic Fourth Ward Skate Park. Again, this area is just not recognizable. A relatively small investment converting abandoned railroad lines into park space has inspired massive redevelopment of old abandoned warehouses and factory buildings and substantially increased revenues for the city of Atlanta.

This was a great way to spend the afternoon, and I look forward to exploring this area and the Beltline a lot more.

The post’s main photo (top) was shot from the beltline’s bridge that crosses over Ponce de Leon Avenue facing west. You can see the old Sears & Roebuck Catalogue Building (was also once Atlanta City Hall) which is now called the Ponce City Market.

  1. These are the restaurants we tend to go to: The Colonnade, EATaliano, The Fortune Cookie, Roasters Rotisserie, Longhorn, OK Café, Varuni Napoli Pizza Kitchen, Murphy’s, Rose & Rie, Mellow Mushroom, and Whole Foods (sit down). Now deceased from our list: Agnes & Muriels, Cowtippers, Piccadilly, Evans, Silver Grill, Roxx, Rain.