Ring Solar Cam

Our “Save the Tree” Cam

Ring Solar Cam
Ring Solar Cam

Here’s another product I can rave about: the Ring Solar Cam. We have a Ring doorbell, and we really like it. When someone approaches the front door, it notifies us on the phone. We can look and see who it is. We can have a two-way conversation with them. The camera in the doorbell automatically records and sends the video to the cloud for evidence and future replay.

Well, the Ring Solar Cam does the same thing. It just doesn’t have a doorbell. When it sees motion, it starts sending the audio and video to the cloud and notifies us on our phone. We can look to see what’s going on, talk/listen as needed, activate a security light, even sound an alarm. And, like the doorbell, it sees in the dark as well.

Our doorbell is powered by the wiring in the house. The Ring Solar Cam is powered by a small solar panel. It contains batteries than can function for about a year’s worth of normal use. The solar panel keeps the batteries charged to 100%. It’s crazy clever making the batteries serve as an emergency backup.

Everyone around us that has a Ring product can share video from their devices to everyone else who has a Ring. When the owner of a Ring device chooses to, we are notified automatically of thefts or attempted thefts and suspicious persons in the area via this network. We absolutely love it.

We added this camera to our home camera security system because recently a neighbor has behaved astonishingly badly. When we were out of town, she cut down (without our permission and knowing we would not give it) a tree in our backyard that she didn’t like. By her own admission, the tree was at least 33 years old.

We have never had a bad relationship with any of our neighbors before this situation. To say we are shocked, angry and flabbergasted by her act of vandalism/trespassing/destruction of private property is an understatement. She is well aware of where we stand in regards to her actions. In her defense she did apologize when confronted but no apology puts the tree back.

Well, since the tree has a strong root system, and since we have had a very rainy summer, it is growing back with great fervor. So, we have added a Ring Solar Cam to carefully watch over our poor tree at all times as we hope to nurture it back to the beautiful tree it once was. We strongly suspect that, given the opportunity to kill the tree once and for all, she would again attempt to do so despite knowing the legal consequences of such an action. She seems to have a very unusual preoccupation with our tree.

Our solar powered cam recently documented her yardman walking in our yard, again, when we were out of town. Hmmm. It’s an ever watchful eye that, like our outside camera security system, never forgets–just documents.

At any rate, we love our Save The Tree cam and hope it accomplishes its goal.