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I’ve been working ferociously uploading photos to SmugMug. In fact, at this point, I’ve uploaded over 13,000 photos–literally.

The Re-Org

I’m not sure I’m even halfway!
I’m re-organizing the photos, and that takes a good bit of time. I’ve tried really, really hard not to edit any of the photos–an all but impossible task. I see a photo from even 5 years ago and think, “Oh, that photos needs more contrast, or better white balance, or a touch of clarity or a shade less haze or to be straightened or have a lens profile correction… It just never ends.

Photo Tech

The Lightroom of today has a new process version that opens the door to better editing the visual properties in the photo. Most of these photos were shot in much older, more limited process versions. Additionally, you can tell that many of the photos were shot on older sensors in older digital cameras, and they need attention.

This visual identity sort of reminds me of historic camera technology. You could tell what was shot on a Polaroid Instamatic back in the day. Now you can also tell what was processed as a raw camera file format or just a jpg, what was processed in an older version or Lightroom, what was shot on my first digital camera, my second…

The only regret I have is that I didn’t switch over to the Raw camera format as a photo file storage protocol when it first became available. Camera Raw, as its called, allows for the retention of the most amount of sensor data. This data is critically important in that it allows for significant photo manipulation after the shot has been taken. The jpg file format, which is the format I used to store the old camera images, has only a tiny fraction of the post production editing latitude of camera raw.

Billions and Billions of Photos

So, I’ve only been able to resist re-editing about half of the time. I’ve found thousands of photos that never got any post-production love at all. Sometimes the old photos, shot on old sensors but in camera raw, were just beyond the possibility of being presented to the public in the older process versions but can now be given life! Going through my old photos is a much more difficult and time-consuming process than I thought it would be. But, I’m loving it.

I’ve gone through the first round of uploads for almost every country. Now I’m laboring through my trips around the USA. These are all organized by state now with albums in each state for the various cities and events within it. I’m just in California and already have over 60 albums in that state alone.

I see some of these places and people and am reminded of such wonderful times, places, events. I would never have thought I would have had such transformational opportunities! Here’s just a tiny sample of photos I am using as the site’s welcome page full-screen slideshow.

Here’s a link to display the slideshow full-size in your desktop browser. Click the link and then click the play bottom on the right above the large image.

Here’s a link to display the slideshow full-size on your handheld device. Touch the link and then click the play bottom on the right above the large image.

Note to self: The embed slideshow dimensions are 720 x 440.