Flying Saucer and Robot

Vintage Toy iPhoneography

A couple of weeks ago I was in a vintage store and found this tiny metal flying saucer holiday tree ornament. It called my name. (I would love a whole tree of such ornaments!) I bought it.

Flying Saucer and Robot (original photo)I taped it to hang just below my desk lamp, placed a plastic toy robot on my desk under the flying saucer, placed a couple of tiny LED light panels to the sides, reduced the Lightroom camera app’s exposure setting to darken the image, and shot this photo with my iPhone. I tried to take care to line up the light reflection from the aluminum leg of the table next to my desk. I wanted to make the reflected lamp light appear to be propulsion from beneath the hanging saucer.

Next I took the photo in to Lightroom CC and darkened distracting areas of the photo that needed to disappear. I also darkened the area around the aluminum desk leg to make it more appear like “propulsion.”

Finally, I caught a flight!

This was a fun photo! 


Flying Saucer and Robot