Freefly Movi Smartphone Cinema Robot

Movi FreeFly Personal Cinema Robot

Freefly Movi Smartphone Cinema RobotMy New Movi FreeFly Personal Cinema Robot is supposed to arrive today. I’m very excited! You’re wondering, what on earth is a Movi FreeFly Personal Cinema Robot?

Well, Movi Freefly is a high end camera stabilization platform. It’s often used when filming movies. Their equipment keeps the camera completely stable as it moves around the scene—no shake, bumps, jerks, etc. Whether the camera moves by drone, helicopter, or because the camera is hand held, a Movi unit’s onboard computers use its gimbals to counter any anomalous motion therefore making the camera motion silky smooth.

The accompanying Movi app has a number of modes in which the FreeFly Personal Cinema Robot can shoot: time-lapse from point A to point B, hyperlapse, cinematic, barrel roll, etc. You can see examples of the different shot types in the video below.

Now Movi has produced a tiny, very affordable FreeFly Personal Cinema Robot for the smartphone! And that’s what is arriving today. Here is one of their promotional videos about the device.

Can’t. Wait!